At Cannon Properties, we don’t just manage buildings, we build relationships. We treat you like family, because as a family owned business, we want you to feel welcome.

Cannon Properties was established by Francis Cannon in 1965 with the goal of providing high-quality rental properties and services at competitive prices.

Like his father, Mr. Cannon was a skilled mason before he veered down a different path. After a few years spent building homes, he decided to try his hand at a house of a different kind—an apartment house. As that structure progressed, so did Mr. Cannon’s enthusiasm for the business, ultimately leading him to build and acquire several more properties. Today, we offer a wide variety of apartments and commercial spaces in the suburban Philadelphia area. We were also one of the region’s first providers of mini storage facilities.

Mr. Cannon takes great pride in tending to the appearance and safety of our buildings. He’s joined by his wife Sandy and daughter Nancy, who oversee the management side of the business.

All three, along with everyone at Cannon Properties, share a fundamental devotion to ensuring our tenants’ complete satisfaction. For instance, our expert maintenance crew is centrally located to our various properties, which means they can—and do—respond to every call with uncommon efficiency. And because it’s important that our tenants feel comfortable in all senses of the word, we employ every available security check when considering new applicants. After all, your quality of life tends to be much greater when you’re surrounded by quality people.

The rental business is transitory by nature, but we like to think that our emphasis on providing exceptional personal service and maintaining a family atmosphere—even as we’ve grown—has contributed to our tenants staying with us longer than the average renter.

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